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Q  What Legal Assistance is Needed by FTFM's Members and Visitors?
Q  What is FTFM's Refund and Return Policy?
Q  What is an FTFM Paper?

What Legal Assistance is Needed by FTFM’s Members and Visitors?
Those whose only choices are to let the foreclosure machine have its way or else fight back in a court of law need help. They need legal services spanning the full gamut of limited to full representation, forms, shared information from court results before those results are readily available to the public, self-help seminars, and legal position papers which can help them and their advisors do a better job of engaging the judges. Those targeted for foreclosure need innovative legal services that are more affordable and useful to people in their positions. At the same time, those attorneys wanting to help need financial security so they can support their families while they provide extremely important services. If you are an attorney committed to helping these people, please contact us to discuss ways we can work together to help support your practice while delivering more valuable assistance to those under attack by the same industry that placed them in their predicament.

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What is FTFM's Refund and Return Policy?
FTFM does not actually sell anything. If you want a physical copy of a book, you will be linked to or per your choice. Their respective return and refund policies apply to purchases involving them. If you purchase anything offered by eSprouts, its refund and return policies apply.

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What is an FTFM Paper?
My book, Fighting the Foreclosure Machine, represents the work of two years and the analysis of hundreds of state and federal court decisions across America. That work produced extremely valuable information. New and useful litigation information is constantly being reported in judicial decisions and foreclosure related publications. Borrowers facing the foreclosure machine also need to know about that new information. An FTFM Paper will discuss newly-released and noteworthy court decisions. The content of an FFTFM Paper will complement your foreclosure litigation library and might include tactical suggestions, how-to examples, information about additional legal resources, or updates, research and analysis that supplement Fighting the Foreclosure Machine or other FTFM publications.

FTFM Paper No. 1301 is available as a FREE Download. This introduces you to the significant research, analysis, and recommendations about foreclosure fundamentals and foreclosure litigation matters which will be available through this unique litigation publication.

Purchase an FTFM Paper when you want updated and useful foreclosure litigation information.

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