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FTFM is about helping you protect your rights and home. Its mission is to provide current, accurate and useful litigation-related information for those under foreclosure attack and those having to decide whether a lawsuit might be in their best interest. FTFM concentrates on those litigation tools and fundamental laws available to most people, regardless of the state in which they live.

If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, you or they need a copy of Fighting the Forclosure Machine. It is complimented by FTFM Papers, which provide research, analysis, updates and how-to suggestions about important topics for those fighting back against the foreclosure machine.

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Missed mortgage payments don't necessarily mean that you’re mortgage loan is in default or that your opponent has the right to take your money or home. Fighting the Foreclosure Machine explains in plain language how borrower protections based upon principles of fairness are embedded in the laws of every state. It can help you decide if a foreclosure lawsuit is to your advantage and also be a valuable legal resource should you decide to fight back. Learn how to use your legal weapons to protect your rights, your credit and your home.
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Robert M. Janes, B.B.A., M.P.A., J.D., and Editor of FTFM, was a certified public accountant before commencing his practice of law over 20 years ago. As an attorney he represented individuals and businesses in state and federal courts, including debtor representation in complex creditor vs. debtor cases. Bob now offers his knowledge in print and online for homeowners facing foreclosure due to a sick economy that is not of their making.
FTFM provides information, not legal advice. The information provided is to be used as you and those you engage deem appropriate. Each person’s circumstances are different. You are encouraged to obtain legal counsel regarding your rights and options at law.